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Domain for alteration DESCRIPTION of RESULT entity                
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Visser, W.A. 1980, Geological Nomenclature. Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands. Martinus Nijhoff. 539 p.                
Qualifier 1:                
Qualifier 2:                
Attribute Code Parent Category   Synonyms Description Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2
alteration UND   undefined     an alteration assemblage exists but of unknown type    
alteration FELD   feldspathic     alteration to a feldspar group mineral    
alteration ADU FELD   adularia   alteration to the alkali feldspar adularia    
alteration AB FELD   albitic spilite alteration by albite plagioclase typically replacing a more calcic plagioclase    
alteration ALU   alunitic     alteration by alunite typically in feldspathic igneous rocks    
alteration AR   argillic     alteration to clay group minerals    
alteration KLN AR   kaolinitic   alteration of minerals especially feldspars and micas to form kaolin    
alteration AMPH   amphibole     alteration to an amphibole mineral    
alteration CARB   carbonate     alteration into carbonates or bicarbonates by carbon dioxide in fluids    
alteration CL   chloritic     alteration to chlorite    
alteration EP   epidotised     alteration to epidote, typically in metamorphic processes    
alteration GRSN   greisen     hydrothermal alteration where feldspar and muscovite are converted to quartz, topaz, tourmaline and lepidolite assemblage    
alteration MICA   micaceous     alteration to mica group mineral    
alteration BT MICA   biotite   alteration to biotite mica    
alteration SERI MICA   sericitic phyllic alteration involving pervasive replacement of silicates by sericite mica    
alteration POT   potassic     alteration resulting from potassium metasomatism characterised by orthoclase, biotite, sericite and quartz    
alteration PR   propylitic     assemblage of epidote, chlorite, Mg-Fe-Ca carbonates resulting from low pressure-temperature alteration    
alteration PY   pyritic     alteration by iron sulphide pyrite    
alteration RR   ferruginous   red rock alteration containing iron oxides    
alteration HEM RR   hematitic   alteration to hematite iron mineral    
alteration SAUS   saussurite     alteration to fine grained aggregate of zoisite, epidote, albite, calcite, sericite and zeolites    
alteration SCP   scapolite     alteration to scapolite, typically from basic plagioclase feldspars    
alteration SI   silicified     alteration where silica content eg quartz, chalcedony, jasper increases    
alteration SK   skarn     alteration of limestone or dolomite to lime bearing silicates by introduction of Si, Al, Fe and Mg    
alteration SRP   serpentinised     alteration where magnesium rich silicates such as olivine or pyroxenes are hydrated to serpentine minerals    
alteration TOUR   tourmaline     alteration to tourmaline    
alteration UL   unaltered     rock is not visibly altered    
alteration URL   uralitic     alteration of pyroxene into hornblende, usually as a fine fibrous aggregate    
alteration ZEOL   zeolitic     alteration to hydrous aluminosilicates zeolites    
alteration ANL ZEOL   analcime   alteration of feldspars or feldspathoids by analcime zeolite, usually in igneous rocks    
alteration UNK   unknown     existence of alteration assemblages is unknown    
Domain for QUALIFIER for alteration DESCRIPTION of RESULT entity (Alteration Intensity)                
Qualifier 1:                
Qualifier 2:                
Attribute Code Parent Category   Synonyms Description Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2
alteration_intensity I   intense     material is intensely altered    
alteration_intensity MOD   moderate     material is moderately altered    
alteration_intensity PEV   pervasive     material is altered throughout    
alteration_intensity ST   strong     material is strongly altered    
alteration_intensity WK   weak     material is weakly altered    
alteration_intensity UNK   unknown     extent of alteration is unknown    



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