The Australian National Groundwater Data Transfer Standard

Tectonic Feature

Domain for tectonic feature DESCRIPTION of RESULT entity                
Ryburn, R.J., Bond, L.D. & Hazell, M.S. 1995, Guide to OZROX AGSO's Field Geology Database, AGSO Record 1995/79, Australian Geological Survey Organisation, Canberra.                
Jackson, J.A. (ed.) 1997, Glossary of Geology, 4th edn., American Geological Institute, Virginia, 769p                
Qualifier 1:                
Qualifier 2:                
Attribute Code Parent Category   Synonyms Description Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2
tectonic_feature BK   broken     broken by faults or fractures but retaining substantial continuity of contacts    
tectonic_feature BOU   boudinaged     layer has been stretched and broken at regular intervals into sausage-like bodies    
tectonic_feature BR   brecciated     marked by accumulation of angular fragments    
tectonic_feature CAT   cataclastic   crushed contains features such as mineral bending, breaking and granulation caused by severe mechanical stress    
tectonic_feature CLV   cleaved     contains a planar fabric along which the rock has a tendency to split    
tectonic_feature CR   crenulated     has small scale folds superimposed on larger scale folding    
tectonic_feature CT   contorted     has intricate folding, bending or twisting    
tectonic_feature DEF   deformed     has indications of being deformed such as faulting, folding, shearing compression or extension    
tectonic_feature FA   faulted     contains discrete faults or fault zones    
tectonic_feature FD   folded     contains folds    
tectonic_feature FO   foliated     contains a planar fabric    
tectonic_feature FOI FO   intensely foliated   contains an intense planar fabric    
tectonic_feature FOM FO   moderately foliated   contains a moderate planar fabric    
tectonic_feature FOST FO   strongly foliated   contains a strong planar fabric    
tectonic_feature FOW FO   weakly foliated   contains a weak planar fabric    
tectonic_feature FR   fractured     contains cracks, joints or faults    
tectonic_feature JO   joint     contains planar fractures or partings without shear displacement    
tectonic_feature KI   kink     contains deformation bands where orientation of foliation is changed or deflected by gliding or slippage    
tectonic_feature LI   lineated     contains a local linear fabric or arrangements    
tectonic_feature MU   mullions     contains a wavelike pattern of parallel v-shaped grooves and rounded ridges    
tectonic_feature MY   mylonitic     contains flow-like structures produced by intense microbrecciation and shearing    
tectonic_feature SCHS   schistose     contains foliation defined by parallel alignment of platy minerals    
tectonic_feature SH   sheared     shows evidence of shearing    
tectonic_feature SL   slickensided     contains polished, grooved or lineated fault surfaces    
tectonic_feature STYD   stylolitised     contains contacts marked by irregular and interlocking penetration of the two sides    
tectonic_feature TEN   tension gashes     contains short fractures along which the walls have been pulled apart    
tectonic_feature VEIN   veined     contains fractures that contain mineralised material    
tectonic_feature UNK   unknown     unknown tectonic feature    


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